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Drive home in the Audi of your dreams when you shop at our Audi dealership near Newport News, VA. Once you take an Audi test-drive and decide on which luxury vehicle is right for your lifestyle, the Audi finance team will be here to help you through the next steps. Unsure if you should buy or lease a new Audi? We can explain the differences and ensure you know which option is right for you. From there, we'll secure you an Audi lease or loan that fits comfortable in your budget. We want every customer to leave feeling confident in the choices they've made, so we'll never pressure you into making a decision you're not ready to make. You can get started on the Audi financing process by applying for pre-qualification or filling out an Audi finance application. Stop by our Hampton Roads Audi dealer to discuss the terms of your Audi loan or lease today!

Read reviews and learn about leasing vs. buying below!


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Leasing VS Buying - What's the Difference?

Only you can decide which auto financing solution is best for you, but we're here to give you all the information we can so you can make a well-informed decision. There are some pretty significant differences between leasing and buying a vehicle, and there are advantages and drawbacks to both. Below you'll find a quick rundown of some of the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can make the choice that best fits with your lifestyle. A great place to start is with our online financing prequalification app, to get pre-qualified for financing, or try the online financing application, where you can get the ball rolling before you even step through our doors!

  • Benefits of Buying:
    1. When you buy your vehicle, you own it, so you can drive it as far and wide as you'd like, which is different than driving on lease terms.
    2. You can choose to customize the vehicle. Since you own the vehicle, if you really really want racing stripes, you can have them! Just bear in mind, it might affect your car's resale value if you even want or need to sell it.
    3. Which brings us to another benefit of buying: if you ever do need or want to sell your vehicle, you can! Not so when you lease.
    4. One thing to be aware of when you buy: even once your warranty is up, the car still belongs to you, so any service or maintenance it may need falls entirely to you.
    Benefits of Leasing:
    1. Leases are quite different from buying, most notably because when you lease, you're not purchasing the vehicle outright, so there are some limitations to how you can use it.
    2. With a lease, you'll agree to lease terms, which set out the details for how long you'll keep the vehicle and how many miles you intend to drive it. This can save you some money if you're a low-frequency driver, because low-mileage leases are often less expensive than a normal-mileage lease. On the other hand, however, if you drive over the specified amount of miles, you can end up paying a fee for the number of miles over you are.
    3. One advantage of leasing: because lease terms are often on the shorter side, it's likely that your vehicle will remain under manufacturer's warranty for the entirety of your lease, so much of the service and maintenance it will require could easily be covered by the original warranty!